Unique Halloween Costumes Australia

Posted by Brent Jones on

Are you searching for the perfect Halloween costume? Looking for a unique idea that no one else will have? Well you've stumble across the perfect idea!

Our life size selfie frames are a no fuss adult Halloween costume which lets you wear what ever you like because the frame is the costume!

Are you single? Then our Tinder frames are a hilarious costume that everyone is going to want to take a photo with you!


Own a business? Why not do some selfless promoting and come as an Facebook ad of your business with our Facebook frame!


Love Harry Potter? Check out our Harry Potter frames which are from two of the most iconic scenes in the film franchise.


Thinking 80's costume? How bout going as a real life Polaroid in one of our Polaroid Frames?


Or finally, why not go as a Meme! These new additions to our life size selfie frames let you go as one of the most popular Meme's ever!

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